Clarence and Alma Wentz

My parents spent a number of years at River Bluff. Mom went in with Alzheimer's and dad went in later after breaking a hip. How mom and dad loved the staff. Everyone called them by name - even if they were outside of their wing. After a while they were moved to separate rooms, but dad was always sure to try and get over to see mom. The staff was very accommodating and there was never an issue. Dad would eat with mom and spend lots of time holding her hand and asking for kisses. Deb, the supervisor, and her crew were so amazing with my folks. I could NEVER do what they did! They really loved them and tried to meet their every need. So many wonderful people in the B and C wings. Always smiles - even on bad days when dad's behavior started to deteriorate. They were able to work with him and he became so much more social. I can't say enough about RBNH - from the front check-in desk, to the very qualified office staff (what would I have done without Jeannie!) and all of the physical therapy crew, the nurses, the CNA's, the cleaning crew that keeps the place spotless. The medicines crew, that refreshment crew, and the cooks and the repair crew - all were outstanding and professional. I never felt unwelcomed and I am very thankful for the treatment that my parents received.. They have "graduated" now and are at peace and I am so very thankful that we chose River Bluff as the place for them to spend their last days together. DW

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