Restorative Services

Restorative Services

Restorative services continue to be provided after Medicare A & B rehabilitation services have been discontinued. One visit to our spacious health spa provides a glance into a relaxation and fitness experience like no other in the area!

All our residents can experience whirlpool treatments, paraffin wax or hot packs as ordered by their physician, to aide in pain or wound management as needed. A personalized fitness program is set up for each resident (as appropriate) upon discharge from skilled therapies.

Our health spa is fully staffed by 2 full time restorative nurses and 3 rehab CNAs to ensure that follow up programs are carried out to enhance and maintain the strength and abilities gained after participating with the skilled therapy team.

Our skillful neighborhood C.N.A’s also play a vital role in your recovery process by performing individualized ADL programs as determined by the restorative /therapy departments to coexist with an fitness program. Our belief is each individual has the right and honor to participate with their own care as much as they are able to.

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