Support Services


Our activities staff ensures that activities and community outings are available for all residents.  Click here to learn more about our in-house group activities, activity rooms, technologies available and more.

Social Services

A compassionate Social Services staff is available daily to assist residents and families with admissions and discharges as well as adjustments to living in our home.  Social Services loves to visit and get to know our residents and is also there to assist with concerns regarding your personal preferences including your daily routine, advance directives, resident rights and any emotional or behavioral needs including grief support and end-of-life concerns.

Business Office

Our experienced Business Office staff is available to assist residents and families with administrative and financial details.  You will meet with a member of our Accounting staff prior to admission to review the resident contract and payor source options, power of attorney paperwork, Medicaid/Medicare required documents and resident banking options.  Unique to River Bluff, our skilled accountants can assist you through the Medicaid application process.
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